Spinach with Sauteed Tomatoes

Do you ever get into food kicks? When you latch onto something ...

Meet Natalie Stone

…and Give Her a Nick Name! Here’s the deal: About a year ...

Blueberry Muffins

My mom makes the best blueberry muffins. They are light and airy ...

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Don’t Let Microsoft Co-opt Your Presentation

At a restaurant, do you ask for a cola or a Coke? After showering, do you reach for a cotton swab or a Q-tip? When you tell someone to look up something on the Internet do you say, “Conduct a web search,” or “Google it”? Do you have parents or grandparents who reach for Kleenex [...]

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The Spin on Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hard-boiled eggs can be spun like a top. Did you know that? I opened my parents’ fridge, as I’m wont to do every time I visit, and discovered a dish of eggs on each of the top shelves. I asked Pop which ones were hard-boiled. He wasn’t sure, so he suggested I do the spin [...]

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9 Tips for Dealing with Conflict

The best way to win an argument is to avoid it! I’m not one to back down from confrontation and I’m no fan of passivity, but I know that people with strong convictions and/or an acute sense of pride rarely change position during a highly emotional exchange. While preparing to deliver a team-building seminar, I [...]

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Cut Your Losses–A Lesson in Publishing and Life

After recently posting my article How to Publish Your Book, I received a note from a first-time author who dumped a bunch of money on one of those vanity press outfits. The deal did not live up to her expectations and she wants to take legal action to recoup her dough. Problem is, she can’t [...]

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The Problem with “Not A Problem”

Having had manners instilled—okay, beaten—into me from a young age, I am accustomed to thanking everyone for everything. For some reason I apologize to everyone for everything, too, but that’s a topic in itself… and it requires a professional. Sorry about the digression. So it is that I customarily thank cashiers after I make a [...]

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Girl-Time Therapy

Comare Soiree While planning a gathering of some peasans (don’t let the Italian-French title fool you), it occurred to me that Mom always emphasized the importance of girls having girl-time and boys having guy-time. Matriarchs usually give such advice, and seldom do we listen to it, but that never stopped Mom from offering her two [...]

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Ban Poetic License

In this day and age no English-speaking people should employ poetic license. By definition, poetic license is the right assumed by poets to alter or invert standard syntax or to depart from common diction or pronunciation to comply with the metrical or tonal requirements of their writing. More commonly, however, poetic license is sometimes employed [...]

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