Bikini Season

 It’s bikini season… for women, only …..please!

June carries with it the reality that if we haven’t been able to shed the winter coat by now, it probably ain’t gonna happen!

There are several reasons for this. Dieting is tough mostly because of the mindset that it’s a temporary means to an end.

We should, instead, abandon the term dieting and simply make a lifestyle change.

That concept is easier understood than applied!

When it comes to realizing goals and achievement, I always remember the wisdom of Coach Phil Martelli:

People often fail because they trade what they want most for what they want now.

I’m not here to give advice, just to make an observation. I am guilty as charged. I suppose lifestyle change is more about adopting new habits than concentrating on breaking old ones.

For instance, I notice that when I try to omit certain foods from my diet, all I think about are those foods. And I’ll eat everything and anything that comes close to that food in an attempt to get satisfied, but I never do get satisfied. This is particularly true during Lent.

Can’t Get No Satisfaction!

This isn’t just a food truism. When you think about it, life’s kinda like that.

Perhaps we aren’t readily satisfied because we spend too much time and energy seeking fulfillment from cheap imitations of what matters most.

Just some food for thought. …Darn, there I go again with the food! ;-)


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  1. July 8, 2013 at 3:33 pm #

    Great, Lorraine! The photo made me go to the kitchen and open a bag of chips…

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