Manipulate Your Metabolism

Did you know metabolism can be manipulated? In his latest newsletter, my trainer busted a bunch of metabolism myths.

Alex Young of Young Forever Fitness and Nutrition said metabolism is at work even when we sleep. It’s a fallacy that eating at night will put on weight, depending upon what you eat, of course.

We have control over our metabolism and can whip it into high gear by eating a good amount of protein, drinking plenty of water, and sleeping right.A bit of caffeine can’t hurt, either, as long as it’s not loaded with sugar and cream.

Contrary to popular belief, skinny people do not necessarily have higher metabolism. Theirs is lower because they have less fat to burn.

Metabolism does slow down with aging but not at the rate most think. The slowing process is only exacerbated by a lack of exercise. Muscle is key to healthy metabolism.

Finally, there is no super food that alone will boost metabolism. Rather, a balanced healthy diet combined with regular challenging exercise will.

For more on diet and exercise visit Young Forever Fitness & Nutrition.

Mangia (the good stuff) & Enjoy!

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