Cut Your Losses–A Lesson in Publishing and Life

After recently posting my article How to Publish Your Book, I received a note from a first-time author who dumped a bunch of money on one of those vanity press outfits. The deal did not live up to her expectations and she wants to take legal action to recoup her dough. Problem is, she can’t afford the lawyer.

My advice to her?

Cut your losses and promote the heck out of your book!

It turns out the self-publishing outfit with which she contracted is reputable. The time, money, and energy she’d spend fighting them would be better directed toward promoting her book.

A lot of self-publishing outfits appear to be a racket because authors expect them to help sell their books, when the only thing that type of “publisher” really does is get the book in print and listed with distributors. In other words, they position it for sale, which is a task few authors can conquer on their own.

Marketing the book is left to the author. Even the Simon & Schusters of the world leave most first time authors to promote their own books.

Also, relatively few authors make their living off royalties. (Think: Starving Artist!) The opportunities that can be created by having a book in print, however, are what make the gig worthwhile! Recognizing and seizing opportunity is the trick!

Whether you’re looking to publish a book, launch a business, or jump start your career, consider the wisdom of Thomas Edison:

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

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