Got Gas?

As gasoline prices drop, I find myself thinking, “almost there, almost there.” “There” being the price where I think gas should be, about $1.75 – $1.90.

During the past decade, the price at the pump soared unnaturally—beginning in 2004, peaking in 0-8, and then becoming the new norm in 2011.

There was outrage in ’08 when the national average topped four dollars a gallon. But that outrage died out when the price dropped sharply by the end of the year, and there was little opposition when prices began another aggressive climb in early 2009.

Like the infamous frog in water, we seemed largely unaffected by the slow temperature increase, in this case, the price increase. Most people seemed to accept the new norm.

Not me!

Hopefully not you, either, because we have to impart some lessons. A whole generation of drivers got their licenses during these years. For them, the new low is an economic boom.

This type of naivety has politicians chomping at the bit, as evidenced by their move to increase the national tax.

We would do well to remember the wise words of 19th Century Statesman Frederick Douglas. “The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress.”

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