Key Lime Pie


For whatever reason, I’ve had a vuoli all summer long for Key Lime Pie. So, though I normally do not order dessert when eating out, I have splurged a few times.

And though I’m not a paid endorsee for the restaurants I’m about to name, I have to share with you the places where I’ve found excellent Key Lime Pie.

Let me premise this by telling you the first time I had Key Lime Pie was in Florida many years ago and until this summer, nothing I’ve tasted in the northeast had even come close to the slice of heaven I had on Sanibel Island.

So, imagine my surprise when I was transported to that wonderful experience at a chain restaurant of all places? I don’t even remember what prompted me to order dessert at Bahama Breeze. Perhaps it was the steel drums playing in the background. Either way, I thought I had tasted the best Key Lime Pie in the world—and I did at that point—until a boat ride to the Deauville Inn proved otherwise.

The Key Lime Pie at the Deauville in Strathmere blew me away. I challenge any Florida restaurant to compete.

This brings me to you. I’d like to know who in your opinion has the best Key Lime Pie.  Comment here or on my Facebook page.


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