Two Jackets Productions out of North Dakota is one of five teams vying for best feature length film at Philadelphia’s sixth annual ProjectTwenty1 film festival. Their comedy, “Limpwings,” was written by Marcus Mann and produced and directed by Andrew Neill and Eric Carlson. Eric, Andrew, and Marcus have been working together as a creative team since their college days and are Two Jackets Productions. On this week’s Cucina Chatter Radio show, I had an opportunity to speak with them about their journey and of course their film, “Limpwings.” How exciting will it be if they win best feature film at this year’s fest!

Limpwings” Synopsis:
Daniel Hall has all the typical problems of a college senior who isn’t graduating. To make matters worse, his roommate Hope is leaving him for medical school, his girlfriend Mary is just out of high school, and he has stigmata, the marks of Christ. Now, Daniel has to find out what makes him important as a peculiar, wing-less angel, whom Hope affectionately nicknames ‘Limpwings,’ informs him that he must lead God’s people.

Also featured in the film is KBMW‘s Bill Dablow, one half of the Double D’s In The Morning, with whom I share A Cucina Chatter Moment each Friday.

Also featured at ProjectTwenty1 this year is our own Natalie Stone and daughter Bella in the short, “God Said No.”

Best of luck to all!


In addition to the stars east of Hollywood, we get into great discussion this week about the latest terrorist attack against America. It happened on the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, but the mainstream media hasn’t really picked up on it and the White House is reluctant to address it as a terror attack.

I also offer my review of the Dinesh D’Souza documentary, “2016: Obama’s America.”

Finally, you’ll hear me share an article by Dr. Thomas Sowell, in which he reviews Obama presidency. Click here for a link to that article.

Gone are the days when picking up any one daily newspaper or tuning into any one of the many newscasts would sufficiently inform us. It is up to us to review many sources, vet each, and then make up our own minds.

God Bless!

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