Pushing the Seasons


Here in the northeast it’s been an unusually rainy summer. August has been pleasantly cooler than usual, too. Weather happens. It’s cyclical. And we mere mortals have only been tracking it for about 200 years. So, I think it’s a bit pompous for us to believe humans have directly altered the course of nature and foolhardy to think a bunch of regulations and taxation will miraculously bring back what we thoughtlessly describe as the norm.

But I’ll leave that rant to George Carlin.

Today’s slice of the conversation is about retailers’ penchant for pushing seasons upon us in an unnatural fashion. The fact that Halloween decorations and candy have been prominently displayed in the stores is less bothersome this year because the weather is somewhat congruent with the theme.

What is bothersome, is that restaurants are beginning to do the same thing, which is, in my humble opinion, completely irrational. The best restaurants serve farm to table, right? Or at least they’re supposed to make us think that. Well, it’s not pumpkin season yet. I still want to enjoy the fresh produce and products of that produce that are being harvested now!

I was dismayed to find that one of my favorite go-to restaurants had taken key lime pie off the menu in early August, yet proudly promoted their Ocktoberfest brew. Really? This is one retail area where we need to live in the moment!

Mangia & Enjoy!


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